Our President, Chris Tayler, has been a guest speaker at several dental seminars including the Utah Dental Convention. Cobalt Analytics has been helping dentists regain control of their increasing dental plan write-offs since 2010. We run a proprietary insurance plan profitability analysis using a patent pending process that takes into account your specific costs and procedural mix, among other variables. This allows you to know which plans are profitable and which are not, giving you control over how dental plans affect your Take Home Pay.

The analysis will:

  • Determine the most profitable mix of dental plans for your practice
  • Determine specific profitability for each dental plan
  • Determine profitability for each procedure under each dental plan
  • Determine which procedures can be referred to specialists
  • Show you which office fees could be increased to avoid underpayment from dental plans
  • Develop a profitable Office Membership Plan
  • Help Office Managers with the heavy workload from dental plans

We have found the most value from the analysis comes when solutions to the findings are implemented. We know that can be overwhelming, so we have developed a Monthly Service plan to help implement solutions to our initial analysis and maintain control and profitability of dental plans over time.

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“When I heard Chris Tayler speak about what Cobalt Analytics could do to help my practice, I knew it would be valuable information.  Now I know what it costs me per hour to do business and how much each insurance will reimburse me.  No more guessing if I am making or losing money on any given insurance.  I can also use this information to help me evaluate new insurance plans I may be considering.  Cobalt also helped me evaluate the feasibility of my in-house plan and gave me some valuable tools to market that!  They are so willing to work with my staff to pass on their valuable knowledge of the dental insurance industry to help me get as much benefit as I can!”


Mike Blamires D.D.S.

“Chris and his team at Cobalt Analytics have been wonderful to work with.  Their analysis of our practice and how insurance relates to our profitability has been eye opening.  I finally feel like I have a game plan for what I need to do to be efficient and continue to provide the best quality of treatment to my patients.  Before I felt like I was alone in trying to figure out the complexity of dental insurance but now I have an advocate who understands how the industry works and knows how to approach them to get the best results for my practice.  I would work with them again in a second.”

Jeremy Felt D.D.S.

“I have met with Chris Tayler of Cobalt Dental Insurance Advisors several times and have found him to have a deep understanding of dental manage care programs. I believe his ability to help dentist’s understand the plans they have will be of great help.”

Mel Malmstrom, D.D.S.

“Mr. Chris Tayler, President of Cobalt Dental Insurance Advisors, recently evaluated my relationship as a dentist with my preferred providers and other insurance companies. His analysis was thorough, complete and quite eye-opening. He helped us see where we could become more efficient and still provide outstanding care to all of our patients. I highly recommend his work to other insurance connected dentists to improve their profitability.”

Reed Lobrot, D.D.S.

“This past year I had the opportunity to work with Chris Tayler of Cobalt Dental Insurance Advisors to do a financial analysis of my practice. He performed a weighted analysis of all the codes and carriers which I had utilized in my practice this past year. After his work Chris provided me with information that was useful and delivered in a format which was easy to understand. Utilizing this data I was able to make a much more educated decision concerning which insurance carriers I could contract with. I was very impressed with his knowledge of the subject and his ability to create useful information. Chris was easy to work with and very accessible. I would highly recommend his services to any dental practice that wants to know the true costs of accepting certain insurances.”

Justin Thornton, D.D.S.

“It’s great to have a Utah business to help dentists evaluate existing dental plan contracts and new contracts being offered. Data analysis of each dental plan can help a dentist decide which plans are profitable.”

Monte Thompson, Executive Director of the Utah Dental Association

“I have found Chris Tayler of Cobalt Dental Insurance Advisors to be a great help in our practice. Chris not only analyzed our relationship with the various insurance companies, but his analysis pointed out other areas in our practice which could be improved. We have made changes in how we deal with insurance companies and in other office policies based on his recommendations, and it has definitely improved our “bottom line.” Chris has been easy to work with and has been very willing to help us in any way he can. I would definitely recommend that any dental office give Chris the opportunity to help them.”

Brent J. Isakson, D.M.D.

“Chris Tayler, President of Cobalt Dental, has analyzed the financial impact of the various dental insurance companies that contract with our patients. We were surprised and enlightened by the results. His analysis led us to make some changes which have been profitable and have easily paid for his fee in a short time.”

John Christensen, D.D.S